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Save on Wholesale Diesel & Gasoline

Keep your fleet running with the wholesale diesel fuel from Bowers Oil in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As a competitively priced wholesale fuel and industrial lubricants company, we have a well-earned reputation for safety and for providing excellent service to our customers.

Wholesale Fuels

We offer fuel deliveries via bobtail trucks or transport trucks to make timely deliveries to our wide variety of customers. We also provide on-site tanks for construction, agricultural and industrial usage. We offer same- or next-day delivery of fuels in the Tulsa and Northeastern Oklahoma areas. Our fuels include:

  • On-Road Clear Diesel (#2 Ultra Load Sulfur)
  • Dyed Diesel (Red Diesel—Also #2 Ultra Load Sulfur)
  • 100% Unleaded Gasoline (No Ethanol)

Industrial Lubricants

Keep your machines running smoothly with our range of industrial lubricants. We offer competitive prices and rapid delivery to meet your needs. Lubricants are available for sale in cases, drums and totes. We offer quality products from Chevron, Citgo, ServicePro/Purus, Mystik and Power Service. In addition, we are the only Tulsa-area PrimroseTM dealer. A few of the lubricants we offer include:

  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Industrial Lubricants
  • Gear Oils & Greases
  • Kerosene
  • Food Grade Lubricants
  • Antifreeze
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
  • Diesel Additives
  • Fleet & Motor Oils 
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